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Bülent Uygun put the official signature

Osmanlıspor signed a 3-year agreement with Bülent Uygun.


Osmanlıspor signed a 3-year agreement with the coach Bülent Uygun. Bülent Uygun came to the signing ceremony held in Batıkent Facilities with our General Manager R. Ender Yurtgüven and made a press statement: “Osmanlıspor is one of the most important values of our country since its establishment and is a distinguished team bearing the name of our ancestors. The historic victory in Europe won by all its players and especially the coach, Mustafa Reşit Akçay is a source of pride for all of us. Even though the team had an unwanted result completing the league at 13th place this year, all we know that it is a team that will achieve more success with its team structure and potential.”


"We will achieve new historic achievements!"

Our coach Uygun stated that he accepted Osmanlıspor’s proposal without hesitation and he said: “Frankly, I accepted this task enthusiastically and unconditionally. As Mevlana said, ‘Yesterday remained at yesterday, we have to say new things today!' Of course, the achievements in the past are really crucial in our history however, we will be working with great desire to achieve new historic achievements from now on. We want to achieve spectacular successes with our players, managers, and supporters by adding our own training skills into our talents. We have the potential to achieve this, I hope that in the shortest time will make the supporters of Osmanlıspor happy and we will achieve our dreams.” 

“I am opposed to making too many transfers”

Our coach Uygun responded the questions from the press at the signing ceremony and in response to the question asking that what kind of transfer policy he will follow, he said: "Now we have a group of 30 players and there are high-quality players in our team. Some of them might have adaptation problems, some of them could not show the best performance which they wanted. Our transfer policy will take into account the individual potentials of the players and we will give them the necessary changes in the camps. I am opposed to making too many transfers in order not to damage the system and team organization. I consider making 2 or 3 transfers in the future.”


“We will crown Osmanlıspor with successes worthy of its glory”

In response to the question asking that what his goal will be in the league, the experienced coach said, “Up until today in my life, I always took charge of the teams that were relegated. In other words, in my career as a team coach, I did not start to work with the teams from the beginning of the season. I took charge in the last 10th or 14th week of the league. We have prevented these teams from being relegated except the last one (Gaziantepspor). Unfortunately, it was relegated by the ones who wanted this result even though we took the necessary steps to prevent the teams from being relegated. Starting from the beginning, we will crown Osmanlıspor with successes worthy of its glory within the 3 years. Because I have always been a person who focused on success in my life. I also see this potential in my players. As for our goal, in the first years, our target will be UEFA and then league championship.


Negotiations for Ndiaye continue

On the other hand, our General Manager R. Ender Yurtgüven, who also participated in the signing ceremony, talked about the negotiations for Ndiaye in order to clarify the subject. “There are clubs both in our country and in other countries who want to transfer Ndiaye. This week we will meet two of these clubs one is from Turkey, the other is from England. So the situation will be clarified in about 10 days” said Yurtgüven.