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Osmanlıspor Football Club was established on 21st of March, 1978 under the name of Ankara Belediyespor. Until 1994, the club operated in four different branches of sport. After the management change in 1994, new sport branches were added and the number of registered players exceeded 2000.

In 1984, the club was named Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyespor and 1998 its name was again changed to Büyükşehir Belediye Ankaraspor. As a result of decision of management in 2005, the football branch was removed from Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi and was privatised under the name of Ankaraspor A.Ş.

Before 2014-2015 season, Ankaraspor name was changed into Osmanlıspor Football Club and its colours were changed from blue-white to purple-yellow.

In 2013-2014 season, the club started to play in the first league under the name of Osmanlıspor FC. In 2014-2015 season, the club qualified for the Super League and had its best season ever. It collected 52 points and was ranked 5th in the league.  With this success, Osmanlıspor qualified to represent Turkey in UEFA Europa League Trophy in the second qualifying round of 2016-2017 season.

The Club yielded 5 wins and one draw in UEFA Europa League Qualification in 2016-2017 season and has qualified to represent Turkey in UEFA Europa league.


Osmanlı Stadium was built in 1974 in Sincan district of Ankara, the capital of Turkey and it was renovated in 2008. With final restorations in 2014, it gained its current appearence.

Osmanlı Stadium, which was renovated according to European standards, has a seating capacity of 18,029 and a combination of modern and traditional structure. The stadium, which looks like a castle, is surrounded by fortification walls and has gigantic janizary statues at the entrance. These features makes it Turkey’s first Thematic Stadium. It is also one of the two thematic stadiums in the world.

The entrance gates of stadium is constructed in the shape of portcullis.  Our fans enter the stadium through 6 gates. When viewed from outside, Osmanlı Stadium resembles a fortress yet the exterior has the appearence of Ankara Beypazarı Houses

Osmanlı Stadium Campus has an infrastucture consisting of 4 fields and 55 rooms.



Capacity of Seating : 18.029

Field Size: 105m*68 m

Surface: Natural Grass

Ceiling Heating: Yes

Number of Lodges: 20

Number of Lodge Seatings: 200

Number of Protocol Seats:130

Number of VIP Seats: 720

VIP Park: 600 vehicles

Capacity of Disassbled Seating: 15

Distance between baseline and the stand: - Distance between goal line and stand is 795-  distance between sideline and stand is 610 cm.

Inside and outside pitch is being monitored by 190 cameras

Capacity of Pres Box: 202

It conists of folding chairs.

Parking Lot

Characteristics of root:  All stands are covered with steel construction- membrance.